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UK consumers go bananas for Fairtrade

Sales of fairly traded products have bucked the trend of decline in the UK retail market to grow by 12% in the last year. The value of Fairtrade products sold through shops reached £1.32bn in 2011, compared to £1.17bn in…


Bangladesh increases garment workers’ minimum wage

Bangladesh will almost double the minimum wage for its garment workers, a wage board official says, following months of violent protests over pay. It will rise from 1,662 taka ($25; £16) per month to 3,000 taka. The labour ministry is…


Tesco’s tax: Every penny counts?

Following Tesco’s recent legal wrangle with the Guardian over allegations of corporation tax avoidance, the retailer’s tax affairs have one again hit the headlines. It turns out that the retailer is engaging in corporation tax avoidance schemes, after all. Private…


Supply chain reporting: Pandora’s box of emissions?

Reporting leaders, including Tesco, Dell and Nestle, are being urged to find out what their suppliers’ carbon footprints are. The move is getting a mixed response. It is five years since the global climate change initiative, the Carbon Disclosure Project,…

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