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Tesco’s Eco Love Affair With Designer Sours

LONDON - Every business likes a bit of eco-friendliness to improve its public image, particularly if it comes with a celebrity endorsement. But British supermarket chain Tesco's public spat with ethical clothing designer Katharine Hamnett--famous for her 1980s sloganeering T-shirts…


The sweatshop high street – more brands under fire

Two of Britain's major high street retailers launched inquiries last night into allegations that factory workers who make their clothes in India are being paid as little as 13p per hour for a 48-hour week, wages so low the workers…


Ethical clothing takes organic sales to £2bn

The boom in the organic market is being driven by a desire for chemical-free clothing and cosmetics as well as food, a report will disclose this week. The Organic Market Report, to be published by the Soil Association, will show…


Murdoch: Neglecting green issue ‘dangerous’ for brands

BSkyB chief executive James Murdoch has warned that it might prove “dangerous” for brands and their reputations not to take action against climate change, in an exclusive interview with Marketing Week. Murdoch says: “Our customers will care about this issue…

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