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Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2001, Covalence offers ESG ratings, signals and data covering 15,000 securities to investors, corporates, non-profits and academics.

Covalence’s expertise is useful for investment management, ESG measurements, ESG news monitoring, reputation management, academic research, and training.

Our main differentiators are: ESG reputation tracking based on media monitoring, artificial intelligence and human analysis; dynamic, granular, news-based data informing about ESG practices (GRI-inspired criteria, UN Global Compact), impact (SDG, SFDR), and materiality (SASB); special skills on the S of ESG; forward-looking reputation score and greenwashing risk indicator.

Covalence provides investors with ratings, news data, reports, and advisory supporting investment management, portfolio reporting and ESG assessments


Covalence allows companies to better assess reputational risks by helping them monitor their performance on ESG matters through benchmarking, research and ESG news monitoring services


Covalence assists non-profit organisations in the management of their relationships with the private sector through ESG due diligence and partnership brokering services


Covalence provides academics with ESG data and ratings supporting further research into the business case for sustainability


A Major New Source Starts Contributing to CSRHub’s Consensus Ratings. CSRHub recently added Covalence’s ESG ratings to its ESG data aggregation system. Covalence contributed ratings on more than 9,200 companies.

Covalence Switches On Sincerity Detector Geneva-based ESG data provider Covalence is yet another actor proud to enlist the help of AI to track inconsistencies between a company’s promises and actions regarding sustainability. On 22 August, the company published a whitepaper describing the greenwashing risk indicator they have developed to enhance their current ESG rating system.

EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard Covalence is proud to have provided the European Commission with data used to produce the 2020 and 2021 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard. This data enabled to calculate a novel indicator of companies’ disclosure and reputation scores related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ESG Data Hackathon Covalence is proud to be part of Team Quantagon winning the Eagle Alpha ESG Data Hackathon in May 2021. This event explored how alternative data can fill gaps in standard ESG measures and provide deeper insights into ESG criteria. Covalence provided the overarching theme allowing a comparative analysis of Toyota and ExxonMobil.

ESG Book is a global leader in sustainability data and technology. Launched in 2018, ESG Book offers a wide range of ESG-related data, scoring, and technology products that are used by many of the world’s largest financial institutions. Covalence provides ESG Book with a daily feed of ESG news data.

ZKB Tracker Certificate Covalence and Sussland & Co SA joined their forces to offer the ZKB Tracker Certificate Dynamic on Sustainable Swiss Small and Mid-Caps in partnership with Zürcher Kantonalbank. The product has as objective to provide investors with a highly diversified portfolio of companies that demonstrate their commitment to the ESG mindset.

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