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Since 2001 Covalence has been evaluating companies according to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria

Our AI-powered scoring system compares corporate disclosures to news sentiment

Our monthly-updated ESG ratings cover 15000 listed companies globally

Covalence’s ESG ratings are aggregated to produce bespoke portfolio reports

Covalence and Sussland & Co offer the ZKB Tracker Certificate Dynamic on Sustainable Swiss Small and Mid-Caps

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2001, Covalence assesses companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria by comparing corporate disclosures with news sentiment.

We offer ESG ratings, signals and data covering 15,000 securities to investors, corporates, non-profits, and academics.

ESG radar 24/7

What’s on our ESG radar screen this week? Access current hot topics by clicking on our interactive charts. More…

Covalence provides investors with ratings, news data, reports, and advisory supporting investment management, portfolio reporting and ESG assessments

Covalence allows companies to better assess reputational risks by helping them monitor their performance on ESG matters through benchmarking, research and ESG news monitoring services

Covalence assists non-profit organisations in the management of their relationships with the private sector through ESG due diligence and partnership brokering services

Covalence provides academics with ESG data and ratings supporting further research into the business case for sustainability

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