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Since 2001 Covalence has been evaluating companies according to Environment, Social and Governance criteria (ESG)

Our services : ESG ratings, ESG news monitoring, portfolio advisory, and impact stories

Our semi-automated approach integrates data disclosed by companies and stakeholder perceptions

It is based on multiple sources of information and relies on web monitoring, artificial intelligence together with human analysis

Covalence co-manages the Peacebuilding Business Index defining the universe of the Cadmos – Peace Investment Fund.

Founded in 2001 in Geneva, Covalence helps investors integrate Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors while controlling greenwashing with its multi-source, AI-powered scoring system and data feeds.

Our dynamic, granular, news-based data informs on ESG practices (GRI-inspired criteria), impact (SDGs) and materiality (SASB), providing signals relevant to factor investing.

This data also supports thematic investment strategies such as the Peacebuilding Business Index used to define the investment universe of the Cadmos Peace Investment Fund.

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ESG radar 24/7

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Peacebuilding Business Index

Co-managed by the PeaceNexus Foundation and Covalence, the Peacebuilding Business Index ranks the 300 economically most impactful companies in fragile countries according to their contribution to peace and stability.

This index is used to define the investment universe of the Cadmos Peace Investment Fund, a thematic fund selecting global companies operating in fragile countries that demonstrate a high degree of conflict-sensitivity and sustainability in their operations, factors which we believe indicate their resilience and ability to innovate in complex settings.


Covalence provides investors with ESG ratings, ESG news data, portfolio advisory, and impact stories.


Covalence allows companies to better assess reputational risks by helping them monitor their performance on ESG matters through benchmarking, research and ESG news monitoring services.


Covalence assists non-profit organisations in the management of their relationships with the private sector through ESG due diligence and partnership brokering services.


Covalence provides academics with ESG data and ratings supporting further research into the business case for sustainability.



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