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ESG News Review 22 — 28 February 2014

  • 3 March 2014

General Electric belongs to the group of most praised companies last week as it announced a $10 billion investment in clean technology as part of its "ecomagination" initiative, according to Reuters. Ericsson has been recognized for "Connecting the Unconnected" by…


ESG News Review 29 June – 5 July 2013

  • 8 July 2013

Last week The Coca-Cola Company has received positive media coverage for joining the Soft Drinks Sustainability Roadmap, an initiative aiming at reducing the environmental footprint of soft drink products. At the same time, Google was criticized by Oklahoma and Nebraska's Attorney's General…


Victims of apartheid can sue multinationals

  • 13 May 2008

Thousands of South Africans who suffered under apartheid won the right yesterday to sue a number of companies, including BP, Citigroup and Ford, for allegedly helping to perpetrate human rights abuses. The US Supreme Court ruled that three class actions…


Wal-Mart postpones its green report

  • 24 June 2007

Wal-Mart, the largest US retailer, has had to postpone the publication of an online report on its environmental and social sustainability efforts seen by its critics as a test of its commitment to greater corporate transparency on non-financial issues. When…


Is Big Business Buying Out the Environmental Movement?

  • 5 June 2007

In the business world these days, it appears that just about everything is for sale. Multi-billion-dollar deals are commonplace, and even venerable institutions such as the Wall Street Journal find themselves put into play. Yet companies are not the only…


L’environnement crée de nouveaux services aux entreprises

  • 4 June 2007

Principal client pour l’instant d’EcoAct, General Electric a conclu un partenariat de deux ans qui consiste à  impliquer les salariés du groupe dans des actions éco-citoyennes. A l’occasion de la journée mondiale de l’environnement, les salariés procèderont, en collaboration avec…


Hillary Clinton sets fundraising record

  • 1 April 2007

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner for the White House, on Sunday said she had raised $26m since she entered the race — almost twice her campaign’s target and more than three times the record for the first quarter of the…

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