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Olympic sponsor BHP fails to placate Mia Farrow over Darfur

080502_darfur.jpgBHP Billiton has incurred the wrath of campaigners who are now planning a series of demonstrations against the company for its backing of the Beijing Olympics. The mining giant is one of a handful of major corporate sponsors of the Games being targeted by Dream for Darfur – the group led by actress Mia Farrow which argues that the Chinese regime is supporting the genocide in Darfur by propping up the Sudanese government. It has called on the 19 major international sponsors to use their influence and call for an end to alleged Chinese interference in Sudan. After three months of campaigning, the group issued a “report card” on the companies this week, giving BHP the worst possible grade of “F”, along with other companies such as industrial conglomerate General Electric, McDonald’s and Johnson & Johnson. Dream for Darfur is holding a series of demonstrations against Coca-Cola and office supplier Staples across America today and wants to extend protests across the globe, including against BHP. Of the major sponsors, only Kodak and Adidas received a “B+” for writing open letters to the United Nations, urging the body to enforce Resolution 1769, which authorised a peacekeeping force for the region but has never been implemented. Image source: > Continue.

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