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Wal-Mart postpones its green report

070625_walmart.jpgWal-Mart, the largest US retailer, has had to postpone the publication of an online report on its environmental and social sustainability efforts seen by its critics as a test of its commitment to greater corporate transparency on non-financial issues. When Wal-Mart ann­ounced a push to improve its sustainability record in October 2005, it said it would issue its first report on its progress by spring 2007. Social activist shareholders have been pressing the company to follow other US corporations such as General Electric and Coca-Cola in producing a report that allows its efforts on issues such as global warming and supply chain conditions to be assessed. However, a draft presented informally to independent advisers and non-profit groups this year was rejected as inadequate. Andy Ruben, who heads the company’s sustainability efforts, said the report had been delayed because of the complexities of gathering the range of data re­quired from its global business. However, one person familiar with the discussions said the company had been “surprised by the complexities because they hadn’t thought it through”. Image source:

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