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Retail giants agree to fair sourcing plan


By Robert Stockdill, FOODweek group editor, in Shanghai.The world’s biggest retailers have agreed to adopt a common standard for ensuring suppliers follow fair trade practices. At the annual CIES World Food Business Summit in Shanghai, chairman Roger Corbett, ex Woolworths Australia CEO, said member retailers had unanimously agreed to the drafting of a Global Social Compliance Program. “We retailers and consumer brands are increasingly sourcing from emerging markets — China being the largest in the world,” Corbett told the record 840 delegates at this year’s summit. “While bringing to our customers a diversity, quality and price they expect, we as global players have a responsibility to ensure that the trade is fair.” Member companies of the CIES include international giants Wal-Mart of the US, Metro of Germany, Ahold of Holland and Carrefour of France. Woolworths Australia, Franklins and Metcash are also members, with delegates attending this week’s conference. Coles Group is a notable Australian absentee. Corbett said that for more than a decade, global companies have risen to meet the challenge around human rights and social standards in the global supply chain.

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