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ESG News Review 11 – 17 October 2014

Procter & Gamble was among the most praised companies last week as it announced its plans to cut the water used in manufacturing by 20 percent in the next six years as part of an expansion of its sustainability goals.…


Syngenta’s unlikely ally

FARM chemical giants and environmental lobby groups are frequently at loggerheads about agriculture's impact on farmland, farm communities and ecological issues, but Syngenta's ambitious "good growth plan" vows have drawn keen support from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  As previously…


Syngenta launches “weed out hunger in 2010” program

The fight to weed out hunger across the Corn Belt has officially begun. Weeding out Hunger, a new campaign sponsored by Halex GT corn herbicide and Syngenta Crop Protection, made a stop at the National Farm Machinery Show, held Feb.…


Amérique Latine: Quand l’essence verte devient rouge

Une foràªt pluviale amazonienne compte en ce moment 17 000 foyers d’incendies. Le défrichage par le feu fait progresser l’extension des surfaces agricoles consacrées au Soja, à  la canne à  sucre, huile de palme ou aux paturages excessifs. Les champions…


Poison suisse pour paysans du Sud

Interdit d'utilisation en Suisse et dans plusieurs pays européens à  cause de sa dangerosité, le Paraquat continue néanmoins à  faire les beaux jours de la multinationale suisse Syngenta. Ce puissant herbicide est en effet largement utilisé dans les pays du…

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