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Steve Jobs Wants Apple to be Green

Greenpeace, an environmental group, has been eyeing Apple for a long time claiming the company is rolling out products that are not eco-friendly. A stance that has to be taken very seriously today in the wake of serious global warming…


Sustainability Reputation Ranking

Late last week a Swiss organisation called Covalence announced the latest results of its ethical reputation ranking. There are loads of these kinds of things available, but I think this one is of particular interest. The rankings are developed by…


Incentive or punishment

After naming and shaming, and the media and blogs as watchdogs, we are seeing a multiplication of the social responsibility, sustainable development and ethical rankings. The Swiss ethical quotation company Covalence, has just published its first quarter ranking, and the…


Covalence Ethical Ranking 1st Quarter 2007

Geneva-based Covalence is publishing today its quarterly ethical reputation ranking, giving the best ranked companies as well as those companies which have made the most progress in the first quarter of 2007. An overview of hot issues across sectors is…


Areva accusé de mettre en danger salariés et riverains

L'association Sherpa, en collaboration avec Médecins du Monde, et les employés d'Areva au Gabon et au Niger, ont rendu public les résultats de leur enquàªte conduite dans les mines d'uranium du groupe. Dans ces deux pays, ils accusent les dirigeants…


Biodiesel and bioethanol are not as green as it seems

Recently the demand for fuels made from plants has increased considerably. This is due to the United States’ desire to become independent of oil-exporting countries that are perceived as a threat, but also to European legislation increasing the amount of…

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