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Wal-Mart postpones its green report

Wal-Mart, the largest US retailer, has had to postpone the publication of an online report on its environmental and social sustainability efforts seen by its critics as a test of its commitment to greater corporate transparency on non-financial issues. When…


Retail giants agree to fair sourcing plan

By Robert Stockdill, FOODweek group editor, in Shanghai.The world’s biggest retailers have agreed to adopt a common standard for ensuring suppliers follow fair trade practices. At the annual CIES World Food Business Summit in Shanghai, chairman Roger Corbett, ex Woolworths…


America’s Least Philanthropic Companies

It feels like Apple has been on the cover of every newspaper and magazine this month. People gush about how much they love their iPod and admire Steve Jobs and his company.  Yet very few people ever talk about the…


Starbucks reaches truce with Ethiopia over coffee licensing

Starbucks and the Ethiopian government said Wednesday they will work together to promote three of the African nation's prized specialty coffees under a deal that supports the country's bid to win trademarks it believes will benefit farmers. The world's largest…


Business call for stronger green regulations

According to a new report released yesterday firms should be subject to "stronger frameworks of law and regulation", multinationals should use their political influence to demand more stringent legislation, and businesses should redefine success to include social, environmental and human…

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