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Blue Peace in International Finance

Peace-building has gone a step further with certain financial entities looking at how the financial sector can actively contribute. An example is the ‘Peace Investment Fund’ the scope of which 12 is defined by the Peace-building Business Index (PBBI) developed by The PeaceNexus Foundation and Covalence, an independent ESG rating agency in Geneva. Through the index, a set of 30 companies have been shortlisted for investors to invest in via the fund. The companies that have been shortlisted have actively contributed to the peace and stability of nations. Along with de Pury Pictet Turrettini, a fund management company in Geneva, the PeaceNexus Foundation launched the Peace Investment Fund in January 2018 to allow investors supporting peacebuilding. The Index was built using Peace-building Business Criteria (PBBC) which are intended to be applied to businesses that operate in fragile and conflictaffected states. The following criteria are considered: • Inclusive hiring and giving jobs to vulnerable groups • Promoting the local economy and heightened due diligence in fragile contexts • Conflict-sensitive community relations including creating space for dialogue • Promoting transparency and accountability in fragile contexts • Seeking new business models for underdeveloped markets and atrisk populations • Security provisions protecting key stakeholder groups • Conflict-sensitive environmental policy and practice Also notable is the fact that the PBBC go beyond the principles of ‘do no harm’ and ‘compliance’ which many other standards and indices focused on sustainability are built on. The PBBC adds in the layer of peace-building so that companies can contribute to stability, by collaborating with other stakeholders to improve state accountability and public services. More…

Source: Strategic Foresight Group

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