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Google Earth Pro unveiled for African NGOs

  • 30 October 2009

Google has unveiled its Google Earth Pro software to coincide with the upcoming climate change conference in Copenhagen in December. The software is available through the Google Earth Outreach Program, which lets local NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) and other public-benefit organizations…


Nestlé launches The Cocoa Plan

  • 26 October 2009

Nestlé will invest CHF 460 million over the next 10 years to boost its sustainability initiatives in cocoa and coffee. Through its pioneering plant science programme, the Company will supply 38 million high quality, disease-resistant plantlets to farmers helping them…


Unilever, M&S top environmental firms

  • 26 October 2009

Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant, and Marks & Spencer, the British retail chain, are among the companies with the most developed environmental policies, and which are also making the most effective use of these activities to differentiate their brands,…


“Saqayti” : une trouvaille marocaine pour l’environnement

  • 21 October 2009

« Saqayti » - ma fontaine en arabe — est une borne automatique substituant aux fontaines publiques dans les régions reculées du Maroc. Fonctionnant avec des cartes prépayées, les bornes fontaines ont facilité l’accès à  l’eau potable, évité le gaspillage…


Merck Gets Religion, Embraces Transparency

  • 19 October 2009

The big drugmaker follows the recent step by Eli Lilly (see here) to add a spot on its website where inquiring minds can find just how much is paid to doctors for speaking engagements. “Our reputation, and the trust that…


NGOs Launch Campaign to Stop the Chamber of Commerce

  • 15 October 2009

Today, a coalition of NGOs, representing over a million members, launched a campaign at to stop the U.S. Chamber of Commerce from undermining health care, environmental protection, elections and big business regulation.The coalition is asking the Department of Justice…


Google anti-abortion?

  • 13 October 2009

Google, which has always been widely lauded for their human rights awareness, has okayed a policy change prohibiting AdWords promoting abortion in 15 countries. I’ve recently come across this article about Google Inc. issuing an AdWords advertising policy update stating…

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