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Ericsson, Idea Cellular and GSMA launch live biofuel base stations in India

070614_india_biodiesel.jpgIndian mobile operator Idea Cellular, Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) and the GSM Association’s Development Fund today announced that four mobile base stations powered by locally produced biofuels have extended Idea’s commercial mobile network in rural India. All four locations in the state of Maharashtra are greenfield sites that have not previously had access to a mobile network and are located in areas with unreliable power supply. The live mobile base stations follow the initial feasibility assessment of different sources of oil for biodiesel production and establishment of a local supply chain. Biodiesel has several advantages over conventional diesel as a power source for base stations. An important factor is that it is produced locally, creating employment in rural areas while reducing the need for transportation. Biodiesel has a much lower impact on the environment than conventional diesel. The cleaner burning renewable fuel also requires fewer site visits and also extends the life of the base station generator, reducing operator costs. The biodiesel for the base stations initially comes from fish oil and waste vegetable oil – essentially used-frying oils from local restaurants. In the long term, locally produced jatropha oil will be used. The selected sources for biodiesel have low environmental impact and follow responsible environmental practices for biodiesel production. Image source:


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