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“Petrol and diesel are dead,” says GM

070612_gm.jpgGeneral Motors is determined to “remove the car from the environment and energy debate” in the next 10 years by doing away with the internal combustion engine altogether. The world’s second largest car company now views hydrogen fuel cell power as the “the end game,” according to its director of advanced technology vehicle concepts Dr Christopher Borroni-Bird. Using internal combustion engines is no longer an option, and that includes diesels and hybrids. “Hybrids are not a solution,” he said. “They just delay the day of reckoning. The debate about hybrids being cleaner than diesel is irrelevant – the diesel is a dead end because it uses fossil fuels.” Dr Borroni-Bird said that hydrogen-powered and electric cars would develop alongside each other, and that GM would have a “cost-effective” fuel cell car by 2010. It will trial 100 fuel cell Equinox SUVs across the world in a market test for the car. Image source:

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