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Pharma Reputations: Managing Perceptions

  • 14 August 2012

Geneva-based Covalence, a company that markets the information system, EthicalQuote, has observed that pharma is not keeping pace with other industries in terms of the overall balance of global good and bad news coverage in four broad ethical areas: labour…


Drug Firms Say They’ll Take Closer Look at the Docs They Pay

  • 18 November 2010

Several of the nation's largest pharmaceutical companies said they plan to tighten screening of physicians who promote their drugs after ProPublica reported last month that more than 250 of them had been sanctioned for misconduct. Eli Lilly and Co. said…


Experimental breast cancer drug unethically tested on Indian women

  • 5 February 2009

People in developing countries run health risks from pharmaceutical companies testing drugs on them for the Western market. An Indian research report published today again shows several pharmaceutical companies’ disregard for ethical rules. ‘The Indian Centre for Studies in Ethics…


Big drug companies raided in EU probe

  • 17 January 2008

European regulators raided some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies yesterday in an inquiry into whether they conspired to keep up the price of drugs after patents expired. Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and Sanofi-Aventis were among those that confirmed they had…


The Burden of Innovation – Covalence Pharmaceutical Industry Report 2007

  • 29 August 2007

Pharmaceutical companies carry increasing ethical risks related to innovation, states a report released on 29 August 2007 by Geneva-based ethical reputation research firm Covalence, Covalence Pharmaceutical Industry Report 2007. These innovation-related risks deal with intellectual property rights, drug pricing, clinical…


Wal-Mart, CIA, ExxonMobil Changed Wikipedia Entries

  • 16 August 2007

A new Web site built by an American technology student has uncovered the lengths that companies apparently go to improve their public image by tweaking their entries on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that – famously – "anyone can edit." The…


After Sanctions, Doctors Get Drug Company Pay

  • 3 June 2007

A decade ago the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice accused Dr. Faruk Abuzzahab of a “reckless, if not willful, disregard” for the welfare of 46 patients, 5 of whom died in his care or shortly afterward. The board suspended his…


GSK, BMS, J&J top ethical ranking list by Covalence

  • 31 May 2007

GlaxoSmithKline is at the top of ethical-monitoring firm Covalence's ranking list, followed by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson. The quarterly report, which ranks the top 10 highest-ranking pharmas, reveals that the amount of revenue a company earns does not…

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