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Doing business in war zones: Do big corporations have a peacebuilding role?

This short video by Peace News gives a good overview of the approach used by PeaceNexus and partners with the Cadmos Peace Investment Fund.

PeaceNexus Foundation, NexusVesting, Covalence SA, de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Cie, BHP Brugger and Partners

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“With global companies like Coca-Cola, Google, MTN, Unilever and Skype operating in conflict zones around the world, an increasing number of observers are asking: Do big corporations have a role to play in peacebuilding? Part of the latest PeaceCon conference focused on peace and business, and leaders were quick to point out the benefits. “A particular motivation for companies is that there’s the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage through engaging in peacebuilding,” says Jennifer Oetzel, from the American University. More…

Source: Peace News

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