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Building Bridges to Go Further Together for Inclusive Progress

Most recently, I helped bring together 300 people from 42 countries spanning the entire field of gender-smart investing for the Gender-Smart Investing Summit in London, which I co-produced with fellow “bridge builder” Darian Rodriguez Heyman. This invite-only event was designed to spark new dialogue, partnerships, and connections from the get-go. One of the first activities of the Summit was to bring participants together where they could work through challenges they were collectively facing as peers, rather than content being delivered by experts from a stage. We challenged people through 30 structured dialogues to move further, together, faster. Delegates were also invited to host conversations around topics they believed were important to others in the group. And we invited participants to come on stage at the end of the Summit to celebrate commitments they had made and collaborations they were forming. From start to finish, the message was that this was a space for action and collaboration, not passive consumption.  Those commitments ranged from a significant update from the G7 2X Challenge DFIs mobilizing $3 billion towards women by 2020, to a new commitment from institutional investors through Criterion Institute towards aggregating $US1 Trillion of intent to invest to address gender based violence, and many more from across the globe. More…

Source: Suzanne Biegel, Catalyst at Large / LinkedIn

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