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Silicon Valley companies face minority hiring complaints

Silicon Valley high tech firms are on the hot seat over accusations that they’re not hiring enough minorities. Three non-profit groups targeted Google for a protest because it wouldn’t provide a breakdown of its workforce by race or ethnicity. “The only way we can solve the problem is finding out what is your employment, what is your diversity? Then we can figure out are you really doing the right job? Are you really serving the community?” said Faith Bautista from the National Asian American Coalition. Twelve out of 34 high tech companies did respond, including Cisco, eBay and Intel. The numbers indicate African-Americans are only 3 percent of workers, while making up 7 percent of the state’s population. Latinos made up 4 percent of the workforce, yet they are 38 percent of the state population. Companies reported half of their work force was Asian-American, while making up 20 percent of the Bay Area population. More…

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