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Nike and Kimberly-Clark lead the corporate pack on forest sustainability

Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD), which asks international companies to reveal their impact on forests around the world, has released their second review. From biofuels to travel to media, FFD named corporate leaders in 19 categories, including Kimberly Clark for Personal-Household products and Nike for Clothing, Accessories and Footwear. “Kimberly-Clark has been integrating sustainability into all aspects of our business–from the design and manufacture of our products, to serving the communities where we operate and sell our portfolio of essential products,” Suhas Apte, Kimberly-Clark’s VP of Global Sustainability said in the press release. Kimberly-Clark is the first big tissue company to require wood suppliers to have independent certification and have shown preference for paper products with Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC). The company also funds efforts to map high conservation value forests in Brazil and Indonesia, the countries with the two largest deforestation rates. More…

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