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Sharing technology to save the planet

091103_patents.jpg The refrain of a popular children’s song –‘‘the morewe get together the happier we’ll be’’ – may sound like a simplistic formula for solving the complex challenges of climate change and sustainability. But if any area is ripe for collaboration, it’s ‘‘green’’ innovation. ‘‘We all want to save the planet, and the problems are bigger than any one firm, sector or country,’’ says Sarah Slaughter, coordinator of the Sloan Sustainability Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In that spirit, several major corporations have taken inspiration from the open-source softwaremovement and are experimenting with forums for sharing environmentally friendly innovations and building communities around them. Image: More…

News selected by Covalence | Country: Global | Company – Ethical Quote link: IBM, Nokia, Pitney Bowes, Sony, DuPont, Xerox, Nike, Best Buy | Source: International Herald Tribune

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