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The Climate Principles: Finance leaders launch first global climate change framework

081204_climateprinciples.jpgA group of major international financial institutions has joined with The Climate Group to launch a new code to guide best practice across the sector to deal with the risks and opportunities of climate change. The new code, titled The Climate Principles, is the first comprehensive industry framework for the sector’s response to climate change and has been adopted by Crédit Agricole, HSBC, Munich Re, Standard Chartered and Swiss Re. The Climate Principles will not only guide operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction commitments, but also provide strategic direction across the full range of financial products and services including research, asset management, retail banking, corporate banking, insurance and re-insurance, investment banking and project finance. It is intended to align with, and build on, existing initiatives to ensure a consistent and effective sectoral approach to addressing climate change. Image source: > Continue.

News selected by Covalence | Country: Global | Company: Crédit Agricole, HSBC, Munich Re, Standard Chartered and Swiss Re | Source: The Climate Group


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