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Ericsson in Mobile Broadband Pilot to Boost Social and Economic Development in Bangladesh

080814_ericsson.jpgEricsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) is launching a pilot in Bangladesh to demonstrate how to improve productivity and quality of life in the country with the use of high-speed internet services through 3G/HSPA technology. The pioneering project, called Alokito Bangladesh (Enlightened Bangladesh), will demonstrate high-speed internet access and a range of advanced services – including mobile health and mobile learning – in the region of the capital, Dhaka, from early August to the end of October this year. Ericsson is seeking to showcase how the technology can be a major catalyst for social and economic empowerment by bridging the digital divide in this developing market. Situated on the Brahmaputra river delta on the Bay of Bengal, this nation of 153.5 million people faces a number of economic and social challenges, but it has also come a long way, achieving consistent GDP growth during the last 10 years and telecommunications have played a pivotal role in this growth. The pilot will demonstrate m-learning through interactive long-distance classes led by remote teachers, while mobile health will demonstrate the potential of distance health care in the country, highlighting the potential benefits of bringing basic services to communities that lack them today. Other services included in the pilot are m-surveillance, video calling and entertainment. Manzurul Alam, Chairman, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) says: “BTRC is striving relentlessly to introduce affordable new technology services that benefit the Bangladeshi people. BTRC welcomes all initiatives that work towards unveiling new opportunities and building a modern and affordable ICT portfolio for Bangladeshi consumers. BTRC is happy to support Ericsson in their demonstration of 3G/HSPA technology. I believe there would be immense benefits for Bangladeshi telecom subscribers by gaining high-speed mobile internet access through 3G/HSPA technology in the near future.” Image source: > Continue.

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