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Honda rolls out new zero-emmission car

080616_honda.jpgHonda’s new zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell car rolled off a Japanese production line Monday and is headed to Southern California, where Hollywood is already abuzz over the latest splash in green motoring. The FCX Clarity, which runs on hydrogen and electricity, emits only water vapor as exhaust and none of the noxious fumes believed to induce global warming. It is also two times more energy efficient than a gas-electric hybrid and three times that of a standard gasoline-powered car, the company says. Honda, the third-biggest Japanese automaker, said it expects to lease out a “few dozen” units this year and about 200 units within three years. In California, a three-year lease will run $600 a month, which includes maintenance and collision coverage. The FCX Clarity is an improvement on predecessor, the FCX, introduced in 2005. A breakthrough in the design of the fuel cell stack, which is the unit that powers the car’s motor, allowed engineers to lighten the body, expand the interior and increase efficiency, Honda said. Image Source: > Continue.

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