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The poor stand to lose from anti-patent crusades

  • 30 April 2008

Should poor governments be allowed to break drug patents for humanitarian reasons? That question is front-and-center at a major public health conference sponsored by the World Health Organization that started on 28 April in Geneva. Top-notch policy experts from around…


Toyota not so green

  • 24 April 2008

Most of us now understand that pollution from cars causes global warming. So, we also know that driving cleaner cars — like Toyota’s low-emission, 48 miles-per-gallon (mpg) Prius hybrid — means less global warming pollution. Unfortunately, the overall truth about…


Greenpeace stages soap plant palm oil protest

  • 22 April 2008

PROTESTERS — some dressed as orang-utans — claimed success last night in a campaign to highlight the destruction of the rainforests after storming Unilever’s soap factory in Wirral. Around 60 members of Greenpeace had stormed into the Port Sunlight factory…


United Methodists to Withdraw Caterpillar Divestment Plans

  • 19 April 2008

The United Methodist Church announced this week that it had achieved “positive results” in its negotiations with large construction manufacturer Caterpillar Inc. to review use of its equipment and examine its ties to Israeli military forces. The Protestant church body,…


Covalence Ethical Ranking 1st Quarter 2008

  • 16 April 2008

Geneva-based Covalence is publishing today its quarterly ethical reputation ranking, giving the best ranked companies as well as those companies which have made the most progress in the 1st Quarter of 2008. The main results across sectors are: > Unilever,…


Miner Xstrata faces lead lawsuits

  • 11 April 2008

A SERIES of lawsuits is looming against Swiss mining giant Xstrata after blood tests around its Mount Isa operations revealed widespread lead poisoning among the children of the central Queensland town. The legal action over the alleged metal contamination in…


Supply chain reporting: Pandora’s box of emissions?

  • 9 April 2008

Reporting leaders, including Tesco, Dell and Nestle, are being urged to find out what their suppliers’ carbon footprints are. The move is getting a mixed response. It is five years since the global climate change initiative, the Carbon Disclosure Project,…

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