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Producers need to ‘re-think’ responsible drinking ads

071213_diageo.jpgDrinks groups may stepping up their efforts to promote responsible alcohol consumption, but some of their latest advertising campaigns have been labelled as “catastrophically misconceived”, according to new research. The findings, led by professor Christine Griffin of the University of Bath, suggest that despite their intentions, alcohol producers must reassess how they are tackling the issue of irresponsible drinking through advertising. The research will come as a blow to the industry, which is increasingly coming under scrutiny from legislators over the actions they are taking to prevent irresponsible drinking. Griffin‘s claims therefore could lead to stricter controls, that may override the current self-regulation, on how products are distributed and sold. Diageo’s “TheChoiceIsYours” campaign, was one example picked by the findings of an advert that had misjudged drinking habits of young people in the UK, the research claimed. Then testing was carried out in conjunction with the Royal Holloway, University of London and the University of Birmingham. In the adverts, Diageo aimed to show that drinking with friends carries the penalty of social disapproval, though according to Griffen, this is often not the case with the opposite being true. “Extreme inebriation is often seen as a source of personal esteem and social affirmation amongst young people,” she stated. “Our detailed research interviews revealed that tales of alcohol-related mishaps and escapades were key markers of young peoples’ social identity.” Image source: > Continue.

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