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Media Response to WWF-UK Report on Luxury Brands Could Be Tipping Point for the Industry

071213_bendellkleanthous.jpgLast week over fifty newspapers and magazines from Britain, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Switzerland reported on the corporate responsibility of the world’s largest holding companies of luxury brands. For the first time they had been ranked on their ethical performance in the report Deeper Luxury: Quality and Style When the World Matters, which was published by environmental group WWF-UK. The news went ‘viral’ through trade journals and blogs on fashion, jewelry, and celebrities. The report “could herald a huge change in the way global luxury brands operate,” states Fashion UK. ‘The luxury goods industry looks like it’s having its own Nike moment,” suggests UN corporate reporting expert Dr Anthony Miller, referring to the mid-90’s criticism of labour practices in Nike’s supply chain that made the company invest heavily in its corporate responsibility programme. Within days, reported that “PPR Group commits to improving sustainability” as a result of the publication. > Continue.

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