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ExxonMobil Chemical Recognized for Energy Efficiency by ACC and IETC

070524_exxon.jpgExxonMobil Chemical (NYSE:XOM) has earned awards for energy efficiency from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and from the Industrial Energy Technology Conference (IETC) hosted by the Energy Systems Laboratory of the Texas A&M University System. Since 2000, ExxonMobil has identified opportunities to improve energy efficiency by 15 to 20 percent at its chemical plants and refineries. The company has implemented more than half these opportunities, with associated costs savings of about $750 million per year in the chemical and refining businesses. As a result of these activities, in 2006 ExxonMobil avoided the emission of about 8 million tons of associated greenhouse gases, which is roughly equivalent to removing 1.5 million cars from U.S. roads. Image source:

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