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BP attacked over ‘unsafe culture’

Oil company BP operated an unsafe culture at a Texas refinery where 15 died in an explosion and management should have spotted the warning signs years ago, according to a damning report being published today.The US Chemical Safety Board (CSB),…


Novartis Lobbies European Parliament on Patents

The Swiss firm has contacted all 785 members of the European Parliament over the past few weeks, urging them not to sign a written declaration opposing the Novartis stance on India's 2005 patents law. Novartis is taking legal action against…


RBS is accused of sponsoring global warming

THE ROYAL Bank of Scotland (RBS) is being threatened with a student boycott over its multi-billion-pound investments in climate-wrecking oil and gas projects around the world. The threat comes in the wake of a new report attacking RBS's record on…


B.P. included in new M+S Ethical Fund

Marks & Spencer has launched a new ethical investment fund which has troubled oil giant B.P. as one of its biggest holdings. BP has been criticised for safety and pollution failings, including the deaths of 15 workers at its Texas…


Impacts des multinationales du petrole sur l’economie du Nigeria

Selon les multinationales pétrolières, l’Afrique sera dans dix, vingt prochaines années « le champ de bataille le plus chaud, dans la répartition des nouveaux marchés pétroliers » parce que les coà»ts de production y sont bas et que les sociétés…

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