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Corporate social performance and financial risk: Further empirical evidence using higher frequency data

This academic research paper relying on Covalence’s monthly ESG ratings has been accepted for publication in the International Review of Financial Analysis. Congratulations to authors Julie Ayton, Natalia Krasnikova, and Issam Malki from University of Westminster.

“Using a unique dataset of corporate social responsibility rating – available on a monthly basis – we shed new light on the relationship between corporate social performance (CSP) and firm risk. (…) Since we are investigating the link between CSP and financial risk, we need an ESG measure that is objective, consistent over time, and directly available to investors in a timely manner, i.e., with the highest possible frequency. In our case, a composite ESG score available on a monthly basis is the best proxy for CSP. In this study we use an original database of ESG scores provided by Covalence SA. Their rating methodology is based on a variety of information from company websites, NGO websites, news sources, CSR reports, annual reports, etc.” More…

Source: International Review of Financial Analysis

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