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Google, Microsoft top list of 2013’s most buzzed-about companies: GreenBiz article based on exclusive data provided by Covalence

Google, Microsoft top list of 2013's most buzzed-about companies - GreenBiz article based on exclusive data provided by CovalenceIn a particularly newsworthy year for sustainability, Google, Microsoft, Tokyo Electric Power, Wal-Mart and BP led the pack in coverage related to green business issues. Such was the finding of Covalence EthicalQuote, a reputation index tracking 2,800 of the world’s largest companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, as well as on CSR, ethics and sustainability. Covalence shares the data it culls with clients such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Gap. Now, the company is exclusively divulging its year-end findings and charts with GreenBiz readers. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Covalence EthicalQuote aggregates thousands of articles gathered online. Then, using an international team of analysts, it classifies the coverage according to 50 criteria inspired by the Global Reporting Initiative. These include water management, pollution, biodiversity, product safety, emissions and waste management. More…


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