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Multinational Corporations And Poverty Eradication — Analysis

The second story that confirms my argument was a story from SIEMENS, a gigantic conglomerate from Germany. After a series of interview with their CSR team in Thailand, I have noticed similar pattern to the previous case. Although they do not perceive poverty as a direct threat, they have been working on this issue indirectly. They do not give money and run away. Most of their CSR activities focus on long-term education development. The organisation promotes various activities such as ongoing donation to various libraries in rural schools, creating educational schemes that support the work of science teachers and students in rural Thailand, and promoting career in science and technology with people from low socio-economic background. SIEMENS understands that, as an MNCs, it is important for them to work through the mechanism of the local government to achieve long-term skill development to eradicate poverty in the country. More….

News selected by Covalence | Country: Thailand | Company: Siemens | Source: eurasia review

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