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Telcos Need More Sustainable Innovation – Covalence Telecommunication Sector Report 2010

Press Release | Geneva (Switzerland), 11 October 2010

The telecommunication sector is less controversial than others but has to increase its offering of sustainable products and services for being a leader, according to a report released today by Geneva-based ethical research firm Covalence EthicalQuote.

Historically, the telecommunication sector has registered a clear majority of positive news. Again, in the Sep 2009 — Aug 2010 period, it showed a very good ratio of 1,327 positives versus 301 negatives. However, as it gets a relatively small volume of information, it only ranks 8th out of 18 sectors. Automobiles, Technology, or Food & Beverage register larger volumes of news and manage to register higher EthicalQuote scores, even if they may be more controversial in absolute terms (more negatives).

While telecommunication companies are strong on philanthropy, charity giving, and community investments, they show a weak amount of positive news on products compared to the 18 sectors; this phenomenon is expanding each year.

The challenge for these companies is to explore new ways to valorize the social and environmental value of their services as well as that of their related products. Here are examples: services helping elderly people at home; improving the availability of anti-malarial drugs in remote areas of Tanzania; SMS for HIV/AIDS-related social marketing; facilitating internet use in developing countries; bringing greater broadband access to Africa; e-government; requirement of greener products from manufacturers of mobile devices; facilitating recycling of electronic devices; code of conduct to help consumers understand contracts; protecting children and teens from Internet abuses.

As masters of internet access, telecommunication companies have the power to initiate and require smart uses of the web. They can associate their services to many different sustainable products and initiatives that rely on online facilities. They can be crucial actors in cross-sector partnerships. Being in a services sector is not a barrier to sustainable innovation!

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