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Educate Girls. Change the World. Intel makes commitment with 10×10 at CGI

Did you know that one additional year of primary education for girls can result in a 10-20% increase in women’s wages later in life? An increase in female education leads to lower infant and maternal mortality rates, protection against HIV/AIDS, and increased schooling for her children. An investment in a girl’s education is an investment in economic development and health for her, her family, her community and her country. That is why I was so proud to join world leaders this week at the Clinton Global Initiative to reaffirm Intel’s commitment to global education and our commitment to work with other leading corporations, governments, NGOs, and communities to rapidly increase the number girls who received a quality education around the world. Our commitment to date has been significant: more than 650,000 girls have been directly engaged in learning life skills and gained the ability to advocate for themselves and their communities through programs like the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network and the Intel Learn Program. Our Intel Teach Program has trained more than 8 million teachers who have each helped hundreds of children develop skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration – all essential to girls finding a path from poverty to opportunity. More…

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