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Ford to make `green drive’ affordable, especially for Asia

Recently in Cologne. To woo environment-conscious drivers into its fold, Ford Motors Company has said it is looking to make green technology not just sustainable but also affordable, especially for the Asian markets. “We see climate change as an important issue. Affordable low carbon-di-oxide emission vehicles are very crucial for Europe and the rest of the world. We are looking at fuel management, hybridisation, electrification and even use of bio fuel for our cars,” Mr Wulf Peter Schmidt, Manager, Sustainability, told a group of visiting journalists during a plant visit. The factory primarily produces units that cater to the mid-market segment, the Ford Fiesta in Europe. Automakers across the globe are trying to develop high efficiency eco-friendly cars. With the European Union already having put in place legislation to tackle global warming, manufacturers are spending resources on developing such models. Ford is also working towards developing electric vehicle that primarily uses renewable energy sources, he said, adding that its market introduction needs a large degree of incentives, production support and customer demand. More…

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