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Auto makers ranked by sustainability

091112_cars.jpgExperts from three European universities have unveiled findings showing some auto makers are wasting billions of euros worth of environmental and social resources. The researchers warn this could add unnecessary costs to the auto industry’s already heavy financial burden. (…) They concluded that General Motors, rated the worst, had a ‘sustainability value’ of minus EUR9.8 billion (US$14.5 billion) – the average amount it wastes in environmental, energy and social resources compared with the industry mean. Toyota, conversely, most efficiently consumed environmental, energy and social resources, with a value of plus EUR5.2 billion. The study measured the extent to which a company generated emissions of CO2 and general waste, consumed water and suffered workplace accidents. By comparing these values with the size and output of the company’s operations, with assessments of their relative importance in terms of environmental and social impacts, the researchers developed a ‘sustainable value’ for the auto makers. Image: More…

News selected by Covalence | Country: Global | Company – Ethical Quote link: General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Ford | Source: University World News

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