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Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules 2007

080112_ibfan.jpgPress Release 27 November 2007. Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules 2007. Lack of regulations drives baby food industry to new depths of aggressive marketing, monitoring results show. IBFAN, the International Baby Food Action Network, has today released an illustrated report on multinational companies violating the WHO rules on marketing (1). The 150-page report gives graphic details of the insidious ways in which a dozen heavyweight companies (2) compete with mother’s milk. The global monitoring report exposes new strategies used by the baby food industry to idealize their products and undermine breastfeeding. The Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules 2007 report contains results from 67 countries where companies were evaluated against World Health Assembly marketing requirements introduced since 1981. The report shows that Nestlé, the target of an international boycott and dominant market player, continues widespread violations. It also reveals that the failure to regulate such practices has encouraged other companies, such as the huge NUMICO group (1), to use similar practices to obtain what NUMICO calls ‘stomach share’ (3) from competitors and from breastfeeding. The International Code and WHA resolutions ban companies from advertising, giving of samples, and other forms of promotion. Although some 70 countries have made the Code and subsequent World Health Assembly resolutions into law or into voluntary agreements with industry, these measures are often not as strong as they should be and only when enforced are they effective. > Continue > Version franà§aise.

Message received by Covalence | Region: Global | Company: Nestlé, Danone | Source: IBFAN

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