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WWF report looks Deeper at Luxury brands and urges celebs to do same

071130_deeperluxurygirlfrom.jpgWWF launches ‘Deeper Luxury’ today. The new report examines the environmental and social record of some of the world’s top brands and ranks them on their ethical performance. It looks at the top ten holding companies for luxury brands, including L’Oréal, Hermès, Tods, Tiffany & Co and Swatch. The companies have been ranked according to WWF’s own sustainability reporting, as well as the way they have been judged in the media and by NGOs. This is the first time that anyone has conducted such an analysis, and none of these holding companies scored well. The data has been translated into numerical scores, to create a total maximum possible score of 100, and then graded between A+ and F. The best performer, L’Oréal, scored a C+, many of its competitors failed even to achieve a pass grade. Image source: > Continue.

You can download the report for free at:
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