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Advance Information on the World’s First Global Benchmarking of the Social and Environmental Performance of Luxury Brands, by WWF

071122_wwfreport.jpgLaunching November 29th, 2007. A fascinating, ground breaking, must read, wake up call for all professionals, aficionados, of the luxury goods industries, the consumers of their products and the celebrities that endorse them. The report says ‘Consumers increasing concerns with environmental and social problems are the greatest cultural shift of the 21st century’ and points the way these industries have to
behave if they are to keep their cachet which they need to survive. Katherine Hamnett, Designer, Luxury is well-rounded excellence. Corporate excellence today includes being globally responsible. This WWF report makes explicit how luxury companies can, should, and hopefully will, develop and leverage their globally responsible behaviour to enhance their brand image. Tomorrow, they will have no choice. Henri-Claude de Bettignies, Emeritus Professor, INSEAD, and Distinguished Professor of Leadership, CEIBS (Shanghai). > Continue.

Publication: Contribution by Covalence | Country: Global | Source: WWF-UK / Lifeworth

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