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Towards Eco-Innovative Products

071120_ecoinovation.jpgSince I have started my internship at the Covalence I have come closer to different multinational companies (MC), their activities around the world. During the period of my work I came across with a lot of good and bad (ethical offers and ethical demands) activities of the MC. One would argue that it is not easy to polarise but I could argue that this is one of the few ways to have an idea about how these MC are saving and at the same time damaging the mankind’s life in the world, where the global warming is an urgent issue. By mentioning a few demands of some companies I would like to focus in this paper on the offers the of some companies. Generally seen, almost every car maker and mining company is trying to be not excluded from the global effort in fighting the global warming. The reason for selecting the following companies (some products of Chevron, BP, Nissan, Toyota, and Honda) is that they were in trend of the recent news in terms of offering wise solutions to remedying the climate change. Although these companies are always accompanied with their damaging impact, they have been trying to compensate these “demands” with their investments in differing R&D and show their care about environment, realising that the nature can not always give but also be exhausted of giving. Thereafter, effort is worth underlying and paying much more attention. > Continue.

Publication: Covalence Analyst Paper | Country: Global | Company: Chevron, BP, Nissan, Toyota, Honda | Source: Covalence


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