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Western cos launch greener products

070920_boeing.jpgMany Western companies are waking up to the importance of going green. Boeing is one such company that has undergone an image makeover and gone green. The Boeing 787, which is scheduled to enter service in May 2008, is twenty per cent more fuel efficient than other mid-sized wide body aircraft. “The 787 will be better for the environment, for passengers and for the airlines as well to help with their continued economic recovery,” Environment director of Boeing Jeff Hawk said. Other companies like Adobe, Honda and Toyota are also finding it viable to go green. The 10-year-old Toyota Prius has just been named the world’s greenest car by Switzerland. But back home in India few in the corporate sector have taken similar green initiatives. This is because there is little awareness about the issue and even less government initiative. “We have always been aware to give our clients something that is more environment-friendly so we introduced green desktops and this is at no extra cost,” said Ashutosh Vaidya, Vice President, Wipro PC Division. Image source: AP / > Continue.

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