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Shenzhen wage hike causes supply chain jitters

  • 28 août 2012

Chinese tech hub and boom town Shenzhen is set to increase the minimum wage of workers there by 13.3 per cent in early 2013, causing a few sweaty palms in the technology supply chain. Shenzhen and the wider Pearl River…


Dell plans pilot program for mushroom-based packaging

  • 7 avril 2011

The packaging for your next computer could be grown, not manufactured. Dell has announced it will be the first technology company to ship a product in an organic, mushroom-based packaging material, which covered last year. The biotechnology design uses…


Dell Puts Less Crap In a Box

  • 25 août 2010

Fact: most electronics manufacturers bury their products in excessive amounts of packaging. For proof, look no further than Dell, which managed to eliminate 18.2 million pounds of packaging since 2008 and 8.7 million pounds in the last year alone. So…


Foxconn Gives Chinese Workers 33 Percent Pay Raise

  • 2 juin 2010

Stung by labor shortages and a rash of suicides this year at its massive factories in southern China, Foxconn Technology said Wednesday that it would immediately raise the salaries of many of its Chinese workers by 33 percent. The pay…


Female managers mentor their male bosses

  • 13 octobre 2009

The computer company Dell is to roll out a mentoring programme in which male senior executives are mentored by female middle managers. The reverse mentoring programme, which was piloted for six months in the EMEA region last year, aims to…

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