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Unilever, la marca mà¡s ética

Un total de veinte compaà±à­as multinacionales han sido sometidas a examen de ética por la organizacià³n Covalence. El ranking general lo encabeza Unilever, mientras que la marca que mà¡s progresos està¡ haciendo en el plano ético es la brità¡nica Marks…


¿Cà³mo se mide la ética de una marca?

Segàºn un informe publicado en mayo por la organizacià³n suiza Covalence, Unilever es la marca mà¡s ética del mundo, seguida de Alcoa (aluminios) y Starbucks. Por su parte, hay marcas que se està¡n esforzando por refinar su ética corporativa, progresos…


Environment and Employment top Mining & Metals CSR Agenda

Environment and employment are currently the major concerns regarding the Mining & Metals industry’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) record, states a report released today by Geneva-based reputation research firm Covalence, Covalence Mining & Metals Industry Report 2007. For 2006 to…


Is Big Business Buying Out the Environmental Movement?

In the business world these days, it appears that just about everything is for sale. Multi-billion-dollar deals are commonplace, and even venerable institutions such as the Wall Street Journal find themselves put into play. Yet companies are not the only…


Incentive or punishment

After naming and shaming, and the media and blogs as watchdogs, we are seeing a multiplication of the social responsibility, sustainable development and ethical rankings. The Swiss ethical quotation company Covalence, has just published its first quarter ranking, and the…


Women’s employment and current discriminations

Previous statements can be useful to understand women’s situation on the labour market. Since the beginning of mankind, division of labour was established: men go hunting while women collect fruits. Afterward, men had been supposed to bring money home, occupying…

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