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Sainsbury’s launches responsible drinking campaign

Sainsbury’s has launched a campaign to help consumers to better understand the importance of responsible drinking. Run in partnership with Drinkaware, Diageo and Heineken, the campaign will emphasise the importance of managing alcohol intake and encourage customers to develop a better understanding of alcohol units, as well as highlight the variety of lighter style wines available. The move forms part of Sainsbury’s 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan, in which Sainsbury’s has committed to doubling its sales of lighter alcohol wine by 2020. Until 24 January, Sainsbury’s will offer a range of in-store activity including sampling, where customers can try samples of the lighter wines and alternative serve sizes of spirits and beer. They will also have the chance to test their awareness of alcohol units by pouring a typical home measure to find out how many units are in it. Each participating customer will receive a unit wheel from Drinkaware to help them better judge the units and calories they are likely to consume in wines, beers and spirits. More…

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