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Glaxo, Merck Support Effort to Boost Vaccine Access

  • 6 juin 2011

GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Merck & Co. agreed to lower prices for vaccines to protect children against potentially deadly diarrhea, supporting an international effort to help least-developed nations fight diseases. The GAVI Alliance, set up by Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates…


Merck Gets Religion, Embraces Transparency

  • 19 octobre 2009

The big drugmaker follows the recent step by Eli Lilly (see here) to add a spot on its website where inquiring minds can find just how much is paid to doctors for speaking engagements. “Our reputation, and the trust that…


Physician Payment Sunshine: Merck Joins the Act

  • 26 septembre 2008

In a move to give the public more transparency around physician payments and grants Merck announced that starting in October 2008, Merck will be posting their grants (including CME, patient and Medical Specialty Society Grants) on their home page;…


Merck Wins Appeal of First VIOXX Case to go to Trial

  • 29 mai 2008

WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J., May 29, 2008 - Merck & Co., Inc. said today that it is gratified that a Texas appeals court overturned the August 2005 verdict of a state court jury in Brazoria County and rendered a judgment in…


The poor stand to lose from anti-patent crusades

  • 30 avril 2008

Should poor governments be allowed to break drug patents for humanitarian reasons? That question is front-and-center at a major public health conference sponsored by the World Health Organization that started on 28 April in Geneva. Top-notch policy experts from around…


Innovation et philanthropie dopent le marché des vaccins

  • 8 janvier 2008

En 2007, le laboratoire américain Merck a supplanté Sanofi Aventis à  la tàªte du classement mondial des producteurs de vaccins. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), qui talonnait Sanofi, se retrouve donc numéro trois. Sur les neuf premiers mois de 2007, Merck a réalisé…

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