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Shenzhen wage hike causes supply chain jitters

  • 28 août 2012

Chinese tech hub and boom town Shenzhen is set to increase the minimum wage of workers there by 13.3 per cent in early 2013, causing a few sweaty palms in the technology supply chain. Shenzhen and the wider Pearl River…


HP’s Ethical Reputation Hurt by CEO’s Departure

  • 9 août 2010

Hewlett-Packard received negative press coverage today and over the week-end as its CEO Mark Hurd resigned after an internal investigation stated falsified expense reports. The company said Mr Hurd violated HP’s Standards of Business Conduct, but not its sexual harassment…


Foxconn Gives Chinese Workers 33 Percent Pay Raise

  • 2 juin 2010

Stung by labor shortages and a rash of suicides this year at its massive factories in southern China, Foxconn Technology said Wednesday that it would immediately raise the salaries of many of its Chinese workers by 33 percent. The pay…


HP strives for diversity in workforce

  • 9 juin 2008

HEWLETT-Packard is striving to have a workforce profile that reflects the diverse one billion people using HP products worldwide. This would see the Fortune 500 company embarking on retraining women or attracting more women to join it, said vice-president of…

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