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Citigroup accused of ‘recessionary’ sex bias

  • 18 mai 2009

In a textbook illustration of the perils of downsizing, a group of female executives has filed suit against beleaguered banking giant Citigroup, charging the bank’s layoffs hit women executives harder than men. That, attorney Douglas Wigdor told, is “recessionary…


Undue Diligence: How banks do business with corrupt regimes

  • 11 mars 2009

Global Witness' new report Undue Diligence names some of the major banks who have done business with corrupt regimes. By accepting these customers, banks are assisting those who are using state assets to enrich themselves or brutalise their own people.…


Multinationals take an axe to jobs

  • 28 janvier 2009

Forced leave, wage reductions, hiring freezes and shorter hours simply did not do enough. A year into this recession, companies across the board are resorting to mass job cuts. Home Depot, Caterpillar, Sprint Nextel and at least eight other companies…


Banking on Sustainability

  • 11 août 2008

The past decade has seen a radical shift from viewing banks as far-removed from social and environmental impacts, to recognizing banks as the fulcrum of financing, and thus a key lever for achieving sustainability. The 2003 launch of the Equator…

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