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Covalence gathers online information using search engines, individual websites and correspondents:

Search engines

Search engines are the main providers of news agregated by Covalence. Google and Meltwater News are used to gather information from millions of potential sources among Companies, Media, Blogs, NGOs, Consultants, Trade Unions, International Organisations, Governments and Academia.

Individual websites

Covalence follows individual websites that regularly publish relevant content.


Covalence’s ethical quotation system allows interested parties to submit information, thus feeding the database and influencing the EthicalQuote of companies, in the spirit of a journal’s readers section. Information can be submitted using the contact form or by email to

The objective is to integrate publicly available material with documents and opinions received from a variety of observers.

A study by SustainAbility (UK) and Mistra Foundation, “Values for Money: Reviewing the Quality of SRI Research” (2004), places Covalence on their short-list and mentions Covalence’s approach as among the best & most innovative practices for its “inclusive source model that allows stakeholders to include themselves in information gathering processes.”

Covalence’s network of local informers in developing countries is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.


Information is searched for in four languages: English, French, German, Spanish. The objective is to gather the largest quantity of relevant information with the spirit of journalistic investigation associated with scientific rigor.


Covalence does not see some sources as more reliable than others. Any source is considered equally. Covalence does not validate information sources, neither the content of information. What we do is collect, confront and synthesize the maximum of relevant documents from different sources. Our policy is to put ourselves in the position of an independent newspaper in front of statements, opinions, readers letters: publish any information provided it has relevance and an identified author, without endorsing its content.

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