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While relying on universally shared values, the methodology developed by Covalence faces the characteristics of modern society such as cultural diversity, democratic debate and scientific uncertainty, and the challenges of defining objective ethical criteria and credible information sources.

Covalence measures the ethical reputation of companies by confronting quantities of positive and negative news items gathered on the web. The EthicalQuote score combines the difference and the ratio between these quantities and is affected by a historical erosion factor.

This process relies both on technology and on human analysis (500 intern ethical information analysts have collaborated with Covalence since 2001).

Covalence EthicalQuote Ranking combines the score calculated across criteria (measure of popularity) and the scores calculated in each criteria group (measure of diversified performance).

The ethical reputation scoring system developed by Covalence, reflecting public opinion in a pragmatic and dynamic way, allows to explore and use potential correlations between ethical and financial measures of performance.

Our conviction is that ethical reputation is translating trust and consensus of the different stakeholders in a company, and its ability to adequately factorize social and environmental concerns. It is an indicator of the quality of risk management, brand positioning, innovation capacities, and strategic vision. Ethical reputation is also a measure of the return on investment of Corporate Social Responsibility programs. More…


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