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Here is a selection of corporate communications relating to Covalence EthicalQuote Ranking:

Its methodology has become the barometer of how multinationals are perceived in the ethical field. (…) We are proud of the continued recognition of Alcoa as a company respected for our strong character and principles“. Alcoa

The Covalence report is an important barometer of how multinationals are perceived in the ethical field and HSBC is delighted to have been recognised in this way.” HSBC

The Covalence tracking system is widely seen as one of the most accurate benchmarks of business and sustainability worldwide, monitoring 541 multinationals across 18 industry sectors.Xerox

IBM ranked #1 in Covalence’s EthicalQuote Q1 2010 Ranking, besting 581 large companies across 18 sectors. (…) It is the most influential ranking used by Socially Responsible Investment Funds.IBM

Covalence, a research firm in Geneva, Switzerland, that annually tracks the ethical reputations of multinational corporations, has ranked Verizon No. 2 for ethics in the telecommunications industry.Verizon

Industry surveys such as the Chatsworth FTSE 100 Green Survey and the Covalence Ethical Ranking show how Plan A is having a positive effect on how people regard Marks & Spencer — retaining the loyalty of existing customers and winning us new business.Marks & Spencer

We are in the main Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indices: ASPI, Dow Jones Sustainability World, Ethibel Sustainability Index, #95 in latest Covalence ethical ranking.Schneider Electric

Covalence Ethical Ranking 2008: Included for the fourth consecutive year in the top 10, and rated number one in our industry.Intel

The New Year has seen our approach on ethics acknowledged by ethical rating specialist Covalence. On 2 January the Geneva-based company announced HP had scooped the number 1 position among technology companies in the Covalence Ethical Ranking 2005. Across all industries, HP was ranked number 7.HP

Covalence, ein unabhà¤ngiges Schweizer Unternehmen, analysiert seit dem Jahr 2002 das ethische Verhalten von multinationalen Unternehmen.GlaxoSmithKline

In 2008, BBVA jumped from 22nd place to 7th position in the Covalence global ethics reputation index, and was the top ranked Spanish entity.BBVA

DuPont has been named among the world’s leaders in ethics reputation, earning first place in its industry sector and 10th overall among more than 500 multinational companies, according to the annual global Covalence Ethical Ranking Report.DuPont

In December 2007, Rio Tinto ranked among the top ten companies globally in 2007 for ethical reputation across all industry sectors by the Covalence ethical quotation system of Switzerland.Rio Tinto

Published since 2005, the Covalence Ethical Ranking is composed of a measurement system that collects qualitative data corresponding to 45 criteria and works as a thermometer as to how multinationals are perceived with regard to ethics.Petrobras

BNP Paribas est la seule banque franà§aise à  figurer parmi les dix premières performances de l’index Meilleure Cotation Ethique de Covalence. Cette reconnaissance confirme la démarche du groupe dans le domaine éthique et sa réputation favorable dans l’opinion publique.BNP Paribas

What is the significance of lists like Covalence’s EthicalQuoteâ„¢? While making fine distinctions between hundreds of companies in diverse industries is undoubtedly difficult, these types of rankings are a key component of socially responsible investing or “SRI.”Applied Materials

“Walmart has consistently strived to improve its reputation, and our efforts are increasingly being recognized. For example, in the most recent quarterly Covalence ethical reputation index, Walmart was ranked third out of 35 retailers.” Walmart

Covalence, a research firm based in Geneva, Switzerland, uses a reputation index to track the historical evolution of a company’s ethical standing. The index considers multiple factors, including labor standards, waste management, social sponsorship and environmental impacts.AT&T

Sodexo also has been ranked 71st by Covalence on its list of the world’s most ethical companies, the first year that the Group has been included.Sodexo

Holcim was identified as sector leader in the ‘Construction & Materials’ sector by the Covalence Ethical ranking. (…) Geneva based Covalence SA was founded in 2001. EthicalQuote, an online database developed by Covalence, measures the ethical reputation of multinational companies.Holcim

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